The new citadel of Bam

The new citadel of Bam

08 July 2023
The new citadel of Bam

The new Bam Citadel palm complex is a suitable answer for applicants who want a calm, healthy environment with a beautiful view and away from the hustle and bustle to spend their free time with their family.
The purpose of establishing the new Bam Citadel Palm is to combine the traditional values ​​of Iranian architecture and technology in the design and construction of modern buildings at the international level for our dear compatriots.
According to the memorandum of understanding concluded between Arg Jadid Bam Company and Omran Atlas Iranian, the implementation operation of the construction of this project has entered a new phase of execution.
In this regard, during a ceremony attended by the board members of Omran Atlas Iranian Company, a contract for consulting services was signed between Metra Consulting Engineers and New Citadel of Bam.


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